10 Ways to Burglar Proof Your Home


Protecting the home is a way of making your family feel safe and secure while also helping to reduce home burglaries and break-ins. Whether it’s a small tip of advice or a whole new addition to install, adding more security to your home is never a bad idea. Here are some ways to help make you feel safer at home:

  • Always lock up
  • It may seem like this is a no-brainer, but leaving doors, windows, or garages unlocked or open, even for a minute, can be very appealing to a thief and could also present the opportunity for a quick swipe of your belongings. Be sure that all entrances to the home are always properly secured and that window blinds or curtains are always closed. Expensive equipment or valuables should also never be left around windows or in plain view for others to see.

  • Be careful with your keys
  • It is very important to keep your house keys on you at all times. Do not hide keys in plants outside or under doormats or any other obvious hiding location, these hiding places are too familiar for burglars. If you need to leave your keys behind, find an inconspicuous place to put them, or leave them with someone you know you can trust. If your keys are lost or stolen- change your locks immediately.

  • Put up a fence
  • If you build or purchase a home that is not fenced-in already it might be a good idea to look into. Fencing-in the home can keep away wandering eyes, give more privacy to the people inside the home, and make it harder for a burglar to get into your home. Fences come in a variety of different materials, shapes and sizes so there should be a type for any taste or home type and it is important to keep the gate locked and secured at all times.

  • Install an alarm system
  • Installing an alarm system in the home is a good way to deter burglars from your home. When the alarm is tripped the security company calls the police, who then send officers to secure the home and take the necessary measures. The alarm system keypad should be installed near the door for easy access to the people living inside the home and the password should only be given to trusted adults. Also, be careful to conceal wires, as someone could be looking for them to either disconnect or them.

  • Install surveillance
  • Putting cameras in and around the property of your home will not only keep an eye out for suspicious activity, but it may also deter someone from breaking in if they see the camera. These surveillance systems come with a variety of options such as indoor or outdoor, waterproof, black or white, and many other options. Some cameras also offer motion detectors and time lapse photography, so you should assess your needs and give them a bit of research before you choose which system might be best for your home. Again, make sure to conceal wires, so that they cannot be taken out.

  • Get a dog
  • Believe it or not- having a dog can be a deterrent for someone who may be trying to get into your home to steal. If a person is trying to get into your home unlawfully and hears a dog bark, it most cases, it is enough for the burglar to stop and leave, because it usually brings attention to the barking dog. In other cases, if the burglar has already gotten into the home the presence of the dog could scare them away at that point.

  • Keep your home well lit
  • It is important to keep your property well lit as a deterrent to thieves; something as simple as a light on is likely to turn them away from entering your home. Place several lights around your home and be sure to turn them on at nights. Motion detected lights are also an option, as they will turn on when the sense movement and cause the light to illuminate.

  • Install deadbolts
  • Installing deadbolts in your home is a good way to make it very difficult for someone to get into your home. Deadbolts should be installed in all doors that lead to outdoor exits. A deadbolt provides the best protection to burglars because without the key you cannot open the door, as opposed to faulty doorknobs and locks that can be jiggled and rattled, or broken or door hinges that can easily be taken off to get into the home.

  • Start a neighborhood watch
  • Neighborhood crime watches can be very effective in helping to keep neighborhoods protected and free from burglaries and home invasions. A neighborhood crime watch is an organized group of citizens who are devoted to fight crime in their neighborhoods or communities. The group sometimes functions on its own as a neighborhood group or at times is also involved in community associations as well. It is important that any suspicious activity is reported to the police as soon as possible- matters should never be taken into the hands of anyone who is not properly trained.

  • Make plans for vacations
  • When going on vacation or going to be away from your home for a couple of days or longer, be careful with who knows that information. Do not leave notes outside and try to not cancel deliveries (you never know how gets this information.) It is best to leave lights or a TV on and plan on having a neighbor pick up your newspapers and mail. You also may want to turn your phone ringer either off or on a low setting; a loud ringing phone that isn’t answered might be a tip off to burglars lurking around the home.