Foresnsic Science Principles – Archaeology

The internet contains a number of valuable resources on all areas of archaeology. This resource can be used to browse some of the highest quality pages and resources that are available.


Celebrating Women Anthropologists: Overview of famous women anthropologists throughout time. Click on the name to go to the anthropologist’s website.

10 Famous Cultural Anthropologists: From Marcel Mauss to Franz Boas, here you can find brief biographies on famous cultural anthropologies.

The Forensic Anthropologist: A day in the professional life of the forensic anthropologist.

Anthropologists at Work – PDF: Talks about the demand of anthropologists, and their duties.

Anthropologists From the United Kingdom: Search for anthropologists on this page and receive short biographies.

Biological Anthropologist – Dr. Helen Fisher: All about the research professor for Rutgers University.

Archaeology Resources

Archaeological Research Resources: Complete research related site on archaeology. Historical places to visit are available, as well as organizations and societies.

Archaeology Resources: Links to sites on archaeometry, botany, ceramics, and more.

Archaeology Resources Department of Archaeological Sciences: A selection of archaeology pages from the University of Bradford.

Multiple Archaeological Resources: Dozens of links to valuable pages on archaeology.

Mediterranean Archaeological Resources: The website offers journals, courses, and on-line resources related to Mediterranean archaeology.

More About Archaeology: The latest in archaeology news from one of the most trusted popular publications on the topic.

Biblical Archaeology: Provides a list of resources relating to biblical archaeology.

California State Parks Archaeological Resources: Links to historical and underwater archaeology, as well as paleontology in California state parks.

Physical/Biological Anthropology

Biological Anthropology – PDF: All about the field of biological anthropology. Thought provoking questions are asked towards the end of the article.

Department of Biological Anthropology: The University of Cambridge keeps you up to date about one of the most trusted collegiate departments in the world.

The Biological Anthropology Web: Books, news topics, and links are provided on biological anthropology. Additional information includes related organizations.

Laboratory of Biological Anthropology: The Department of Anthropology at the University of Kansas has published very influential articles in the field of biological anthropology.

Biological Anthropology Information: General information on what biological anthropology is.

Physical Anthropology: Dozens of links to various articles on the physical history of mankind.

Defining Physical Anthropology: This site looks to scientists to determine the answers to some fundamental questions, like “What does it mean to be human?” and “How did we become human?”

General Resources

Avocational Archaeologists Information Resources: Information for the archeological hobbyist.

Bible, History and Archaeology: A resource with links devoted to the general topic and particular issues in biblical archaeology.

Archaeological Florida Historical Resources: Learn about the rich history of archaeology, underwater and on land, of Florida.

Maritime Archaeological Resources: Links leading to famous underwater excavations and issues within the field.

Archaeological Resources for Teachers – PDF: Lesson planning resources on archaeology.

Native American Archaeology Resources on the Internet: Gives information on conferences, participatory opportunities and other resources.

Online Journals and Libraries

Visual Anthropology Journal: Complete review on the visual anthropology journal. The website gives information on how many times the journal is published, and what it contains.

Encyclopedia of Visual Anthropology: Quality information straight from a cultural anthropology textbook.

Visual Anthropology Review Journal: Direct links to some of the top articles from Visual Anthropology Review.

Web Archive in Visual Anthropology: Contains visual anthropology publishing. A few are unpublished, but include dissertations.

Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology: Resources on the history of the library’s various authoritative collections of literature.

BAS Library: The most important news and articles in the field of biblical archaeology.


Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology: The Penn Museum offers a variety of exhibits. It is also home to a great research institute and offers education.

Museum of Anthropology: Check what exhibits MOA currently has, and what the future holds for the museum.

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology: With a mission encompassing the entirety of mankind’s history, MMA is one of the first anthropology museums in the world.

UMMA Museum of Anthropology: The University of Michigan holds on its campus a nationally renowned anthropology museum.

Wake Forest Museum of Anthropology: Wake Forest Museum offers a variety of exhibits on anthropology. The museum offers featured exhibits and special events throughout the year.

Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology: California State University at Chico’s anthropology museum promotes respect and appreciation for cultural diversity.

Missouri Museum of Anthropology: This museum knows that a museum is only as good as the people who run it. Go here to be part of a greater community of learning.

The Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology: Allows one to experience and explore the diversity and rich cultures of the world.

Organizations and Institutes

American Anthropological Association: This association was founded over a century ago, and to this day is the world’s largest organization of amateur and professional anthropologists.

American Ethnological Society: Since 1842, this society started in New York City encourages research in ethnology and publishes findings in their quarterly journal American Ethnologist.

American Association of Anthropology: An association, founded in 1994, dedicated to promoting the study of anthropological genetics.

Human Biology Association: Now over thirty years old, the HBA is an organization that represents the interests of human biologists.

American Association of Physical Anthropologists: Association for physical anthropologists to be a part of. They can find resources, look up papers and information.

Society for American Archaeology: Offers different things for members and the public. The public can learn about archaeology and what it is. Members can shop the inventory, be a part of the directory and be a part of interest groups.

Paleoanthropology Society: This academic society publishes its findings in their own journal PaleoAnthropology.

Society for the Study of Human Biology: Studies the human biology in every way. Including genetics, ecology, and adaptability.

Archaeological Institute of America: Promoting a public interest in the civilizations of the past.

Visual Anthropology

Visual Anthropology Visual Culture: Complete list of film festivals, workshop, new, and other events.

The Society of Visual Anthropology: Organization that one has to be a member of. It is the interdisciplinary of visual anthropology.

Visual Anthropology Resources: 17 links to various methods people have used to communicate anthropology visually.

Visual Anthropological Literature: Links to the “Anthropological Literature” e-resource and shows how these articles relate to current work being done in anthropology.

Perspectives on Visual Anthropology: Complete publication, the third subject, perspective on visual anthropology.

Centre of Visual Anthropology: History of the Centre of Visual Anthropology. Offers classes and seminars on the subject.